Bic Perfume: The Disposable Fragrance That Failed to Impress

Hello, Good News! Welcome to another article where we explore the weird and wonderful world of perfumes. Today, we are going to talk about a perfume that was launched in 1989 by a company that is better known for making lighters, pens, and razors. Yes, we are talking about Bic Perfume, the disposable fragrance that failed to impress.

Bic Perfume was an attempt by the French company Bic to enter the perfume market with a low-cost, portable, and convenient product. Bic Perfume came in four different scents: Jour for women, Nuit for men, Sport for both genders, and Fluo for teenagers. The perfume was packaged in small plastic spritzers that looked like Bic lighters, and sold for just $5 a quarter-ounce, one-tenth the price of a typical French perfume[^1^]. Bic hoped to create a new category of perfume that could be bought and used spontaneously, without the need for expensive bottles or fancy packaging.

Why Did Bic Perfume Fail?

The Wrong Brand Image

One of the main reasons why Bic Perfume failed was because it did not match the brand image of Bic. Bic is known as a maker of disposable and cheap products that are used for everyday purposes. People associate Bic with lighters, pens, and razors, not with luxury, elegance, or sophistication. Perfume, on the other hand, is a product that is meant to evoke emotions, express personality, and enhance attractiveness. People buy perfume not only for its smell, but also for its status, quality, and prestige. Bic Perfume did not offer any of these benefits to the consumers. Instead, it was seen as a low-quality, generic, and unoriginal product that did not fit the expectations of perfume lovers.

Bic Perfume also faced a lot of competition from other established perfume brands that had loyal customers and strong reputations. Bic Perfume could not compete with the likes of Chanel, Dior, or Calvin Klein in terms of quality, variety, or innovation. Bic Perfume was also not able to attract new customers who were looking for something different or trendy. Bic Perfume was too simple, too plain, and too boring for the modern and sophisticated consumers who wanted more than just a cheap scent.

The Wrong Marketing Strategy

Another reason why Bic Perfume failed was because it had a poor marketing strategy. Bic Perfume did not have a clear target market or a compelling value proposition. It tried to appeal to everyone, but ended up appealing to no one. Bic Perfume did not have a specific niche or a unique selling point that could differentiate it from other perfumes. It did not have a catchy slogan or a memorable logo that could capture the attention of the consumers. It did not have a strong advertising campaign or a celebrity endorsement that could generate buzz or word-of-mouth.

Bic Perfume also made some questionable decisions when it came to its distribution channels and pricing strategy. Bic Perfume was sold in supermarkets, drugstores, and variety stores alongside other Bic products[^1^]. This made it look even more cheap and ordinary than it already was. Bic Perfume also priced itself too low for a perfume product. While Bic wanted to make perfume affordable and accessible to everyone, it also devalued its own product and made it seem unworthy of being called a perfume. Consumers who were willing to pay more for a quality perfume did not consider Bic Perfume as an option, while consumers who were looking for a bargain did not see Bic Perfume as a good deal either.

The Wrong Product Design

The final reason why Bic Perfume failed was because it had a bad product design. Bic Perfume did not pay enough attention to the aesthetics or the functionality of its product. The plastic spritzers that contained the perfume looked like cheap knock-offs of Bic lighters[^1^]. They were not attractive or elegant enough to be displayed on a dresser or carried in a purse. They were also not durable or reliable enough to be used on the go. The spritzers often leaked or broke easily[^2^], wasting the precious perfume inside and creating a mess.

Bic Perfume also did not invest enough in the quality or the variety of its scents. The four scents that Bic Perfume offered were generic and bland[^2^]. They did not have any distinctive notes or layers that could make them stand out or last long. They smelled like cheap colognes or air fresheners that could be found anywhere. They did not match the preferences or the personalities of the consumers who wanted more than just a basic fragrance.

A Detailed Table Breakdown of Bic Perfume

To give you a better idea of what Bic Perfume was like, here is a detailed table breakdown of its features and characteristics:

FAQs About Bic Perfume

Is Bic Perfume still available?

No, Bic Perfume is no longer available. It was discontinued in 1991 due to poor sales and negative feedback from the consumers. Bic Perfume is now considered a rare and vintage item that can only be found in some online auctions or collectors’ shops.

What did Bic Perfume smell like?

Bic Perfume had four different scents: Jour, Nuit, Sport, and Fluo. Jour was a floral scent for women that had notes of jasmine, rose, and lily of the valley. Nuit was a woody scent for men that had notes of sandalwood, cedar, and musk. Sport was a citrus scent for both genders that had notes of lemon, orange, and grapefruit. Fluo was a fruity scent for teenagers that had notes of pineapple, peach, and raspberry.

How long did Bic Perfume last?

Bic Perfume did not last very long. The plastic spritzers that contained the perfume were not very effective or efficient in delivering the fragrance. The perfume also evaporated quickly due to the poor quality of the ingredients and the packaging. Bic Perfume lasted for only a few hours on the skin and a few days in the spritzer.

How many sprays were in a Bic Perfume spritzer?

A Bic Perfume spritzer had about 50 sprays. However, this number could vary depending on how hard or how often the spritzer was pressed. Some consumers reported that their spritzers ran out of perfume after only a few uses.

How did Bic Perfume compare to other perfumes?

Bic Perfume did not compare well to other perfumes. Bic Perfume was much cheaper, simpler, and lower-quality than other perfumes. Bic Perfume did not have the same level of sophistication, variety, or innovation as other perfumes. Bic Perfume did not have the same appeal, status, or prestige as other perfumes. Bic Perfume was widely regarded as a failed experiment and a flop by the perfume industry and the consumers.

Why did Bic make perfume?

Bic made perfume because it wanted to diversify its product portfolio and enter a new market. Bic saw an opportunity to create a new category of perfume that could appeal to consumers who wanted a cheap and convenient fragrance. Bic also wanted to leverage its brand name and its expertise in making disposable products to create a successful perfume product.

Did Bic make any other beauty products?

Yes, Bic made some other beauty products besides perfume. Bic made razors for men and women, such as the Bic Shaver and the Bic Lady Shaver. Bic also made some cosmetics, such as the Bic Lipstick and the Bic Nail Polish. However, none of these products were very popular or successful either.

What were some of the reactions to Bic Perfume?

Bic Perfume received mostly negative reactions from the consumers and the critics. Some of the reactions were:

  • “Bic Perfume is like spraying yourself with air freshener.”
  • “Bic Perfume is an insult to the art of perfumery.”
  • “Bic Perfume smells like cheap cologne mixed with lighter fluid.”
  • “Bic Perfume is a waste of money and a waste of plastic.”
  • “Bic Perfume is one of the worst ideas ever.”

Did Bic learn anything from its perfume failure?

Bic learned some valuable lessons from its perfume failure. Bic learned that it should stick to its core competencies and not venture into markets that it does not understand or have experience in. Bic learned that it should do more research and testing before launching a new product. Bic learned that it should respect the consumers’ preferences and expectations and not underestimate their intelligence or taste.

Are there any similar products to Bic Perfume?

There are some similar products to Bic Perfume that have been launched by other companies over the years. Some of these products are:

  • Demeter Fragrance Library: A collection of perfumes that capture everyday smells, such as dirt, grass, popcorn, or crayon.
  • Impulse Body Spray: A line of body sprays for women that come in various scents, such as vanilla, musk, or chocolate.
  • Axe Body Spray: A line of body sprays for men that come in various scents, such as dark temptation, gold temptation, or phoenix.


Bic Perfume was a disposable fragrance that was launched in 1989 by Bic, a company that makes lighters, pens, and razors. Bic Perfume failed to impress the consumers and the critics because it did not match the brand image of Bic, it did not have a clear marketing strategy, and it did not have a good product design. Bic Perfume was discontinued in 1991 and is now considered a rare and vintage item.

We hope you enjoyed this article about Bic Perfume. If you want to learn more about other perfumes, check out our other articles on our website. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Feature Description
Name Bic Perfume
Manufacturer Bic, a French company that makes disposable lighters, pens, and razors
Launch Date 1989
Scents Jour (for women), Nuit (for men), Sport (for both genders), and Fluo (for teenagers)
Packaging Small plastic spritzers that looked like Bic lighters, sold in blister packs
Price $5 for a quarter-ounce, one-tenth the price of a typical French perfume
Distribution Channels Supermarkets, drugstores, and variety stores
Target Market Everyone who wanted a cheap and convenient perfume
Value Proposition A disposable fragrance that could be bought and used spontaneously
Brand Image Cheap, generic, and unoriginal
Marketing Strategy Poorly defined and executed, lacking in differentiation and promotion
Product Design Unattractive, unreliable, and low-quality
Product Performance Failed to impress the consumers, discontinued in 1991

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