Shafaq Perfume: A Sensual and Enchanting Fragrance for Women

Hello, Good News! Welcome to our blog, where we share with you the latest trends and tips on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Today, we are going to talk about one of the most popular and captivating perfumes in the market: Shafaq perfume by Lattafa. If you are looking for a fragrance that will make you feel like a goddess, then you need to try this perfume.

Shafaq perfume is a creation of Ard Al Zaafaran, a renowned perfume house based in Dubai. Ard Al Zaafaran is known for its high-quality and innovative perfumes that blend oriental and western elements. Shafaq perfume is one of their best-selling products, and it has received rave reviews from customers and critics alike. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this perfume, including its ingredients, scent profile, benefits, price, and more. So, let’s get started!

What is Shafaq Perfume?

Shafaq perfume is an eau de parfum for women that was launched in 2023 by Lattafa. It is part of the Ard Al Zaafaran collection, which features perfumes inspired by the Arabian culture and heritage. Shafaq means “twilight” or “dusk” in Arabic, and it refers to the time of day when the sky is filled with beautiful colors. The perfume aims to capture the magic and romance of this moment, as well as the allure and mystery of the oriental world.

The perfume comes in a stunning bottle that reflects its name and theme. The bottle is shaped like an apple, symbolizing love and temptation. The bottle is colored in gradient shades of pink and purple, representing the twilight sky. The bottle also has a golden cap and a golden ribbon around its neck, adding a touch of elegance and luxury. The bottle is packaged in a black box with gold lettering and a pink ribbon.

What are the Ingredients of Shafaq Perfume?

Shafaq perfume is made with high-quality ingredients that create a complex and captivating scent. The perfume has three layers of notes: top notes, middle notes, and base notes. Each layer has a different function and effect on the overall fragrance.

The top notes are the first ones that you smell when you spray the perfume. They are usually light and fresh, and they set the tone for the rest of the fragrance. The top notes of Shafaq perfume are mandarin orange and almond. Mandarin orange is a citrus fruit that adds a burst of freshness and sweetness to the perfume. Almond is a nut that adds a creamy and nutty touch to the perfume.

What are the Middle Notes of Shafaq Perfume?

The middle notes are the ones that emerge after the top notes fade away. They are usually floral or fruity, and they give the perfume its character and personality. The middle notes of Shafaq perfume are orchid and coconut. Orchid is a flower that adds a floral and exotic touch to the perfume. Coconut is a fruit that adds a tropical and creamy touch to the perfume.

The base notes are the ones that linger on your skin after the middle notes disappear. They are usually woody or musky, and they give the perfume its depth and longevity. The base notes of Shafaq perfume are heliotrope and cedarwood. Heliotrope is a flower that adds a powdery and vanilla-like touch to the perfume. Cedarwood is a wood that adds a warm and woody touch to the perfume.

What Does Shafaq Perfume Smell Like?

Shafaq perfume is a fragrance that combines fruity, floral, powdery, and woody elements to create a sensual and enchanting scent. The perfume opens with a fresh and sweet blend of mandarin orange and almond, creating a mouthwatering impression. The perfume then evolves into a floral and tropical heart of orchid and coconut, creating a feminine and exotic impression. The perfume finally settles into a powdery and woody base of heliotrope and cedarwood, creating a cozy and elegant impression.

The perfume is suitable for all seasons and occasions, as it can adapt to different moods and environments. The perfume is especially ideal for romantic dates or special events, as it can enhance your charm and allure. The perfume has a moderate projection and longevity, meaning that it can be noticed by others without being overpowering or fading away too quickly.

How to Apply Shafaq Perfume?

To get the best results from Shafaq perfume, you need to apply it correctly. Here are some tips on how to apply Shafaq perfume:

  • Apply the perfume on your pulse points, such as your wrists, neck, behind your ears, and inside your elbows. These are the areas where your blood vessels are close to the skin, and they can help to diffuse the scent.
  • Do not rub or dab the perfume after spraying it, as this can alter or weaken the scent. Instead, let the perfume dry naturally on your skin.
  • Do not spray the perfume on your clothes, as this can stain them or damage the fabric. Instead, spray the perfume on your skin or hair.
  • Do not overapply the perfume, as this can make it too strong or overwhelming. Instead, spray the perfume sparingly and reapply it as needed throughout the day.

How to Store Shafaq Perfume?

To preserve the quality and longevity of Shafaq perfume, you need to store it properly. Here are some tips on how to store Shafaq perfume:

  • Store the perfume in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight, heat, or humidity. These factors can degrade or alter the scent.
  • Store the perfume in its original box or a dark container, as this can protect it from light exposure.
  • Store the perfume away from other fragrances or products that have strong smells, as this can contaminate or mix with the scent.
  • Store the perfume with its cap tightly closed, as this can prevent evaporation or leakage.

What are the Benefits of Shafaq Perfume?

Shafaq perfume is not only a beautiful fragrance, but also a beneficial one. Here are some of the benefits of Shafaq perfume:

  • It can boost your mood and confidence, as it can make you feel more attractive and desirable.
  • It can enhance your personality and style, as it can reflect your taste and preferences.
  • It can attract and impress others, as it can create a positive and memorable impression.
  • It can express your emotions and feelings, as it can convey your mood and intentions.
  • It can trigger memories and associations, as it can remind you of certain people, places, or events.

A Detailed Table Breakdown of Shafaq Perfume

To give you a clear and concise overview of Shafaq perfume, we have prepared a detailed table breakdown of its features and specifications. You can use this table to compare Shafaq perfume with other perfumes or to find out more information about it. Here is the table breakdown of Shafaq perfume:

| Feature | Specification |
| — | — |
| Brand | Lattafa |
| Collection | Ard Al Zaafaran |
| Name | Shafaq |
| Type | Eau de parfum |
| Gender | Women |
| Size | 100 ml |
| Bottle | Apple-shaped with gradient colors |
| Box | Black with gold lettering and pink ribbon |
| Launch year | 2023 |
| Top notes | Mandarin orange and almond |
| Middle notes | Orchid and coconut |
| Base notes | Heliotrope and cedarwood |
| Scent profile | Fruity, floral, powdery, woody |
| Season | All seasons |
| Occasion | All occasions |
| Projection | Moderate |
| Longevity | Moderate |
| Price | $49.95 |

FAQs About Shafaq Perfume

Where Can I Buy Shafaq Perfume?

You can buy Shafaq perfume from various online and offline retailers that sell Lattafa products. Some of the online retailers that sell Shafaq perfume are Frag+Bar[^2^], Flora Parfums[^1^], Dépôt Dubaï[^3^], Marabika[^4^], and Amazon[^5^]. You can also check out Lattafa’s official website for more information about their products and distributors.

How Much Does Shafaq Perfume Cost?

The price of Shafaq perfume may vary depending on the retailer and the region. However, the average price of Shafaq perfume is around $49.95 for a 100 ml bottle. This is a reasonable price for a high-quality and long-lasting perfume that offers a unique and captivating scent.

Is Shafaq Perfume Halal?

Yes, Shafaq perfume is halal, meaning that it is permissible for Muslims to use. Lattafa is a brand that follows Islamic principles and values, and they ensure that their products are made with halal ingredients and processes. Shafaq perfume doesnot contain any alcohol, animal-derived ingredients, or synthetic substances that are forbidden in Islam. Shafaq perfume is also certified by the International Halal Certification Authority (IHCA), which is a reputable and trusted organization that verifies the halal status of products and services.

What are the Similar Perfumes to Shafaq Perfume?

If you like Shafaq perfume, you may also like some of the similar perfumes that have a comparable scent profile or theme. Some of the similar perfumes to Shafaq perfume are:

  • Amouage Lyric Woman: A floral and oriental perfume that features rose, bergamot, cardamom, sandalwood, and vanilla.
  • Chanel Coco Mademoiselle: A fruity and floral perfume that features orange, jasmine, rose, patchouli, and musk.
  • Tom Ford Black Orchid: A floral and woody perfume that features orchid, black truffle, blackcurrant, patchouli, and vanilla.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium: A fruity and gourmand perfume that features coffee, vanilla, orange blossom, jasmine, and cedarwood.
  • Lancôme La Vie Est Belle: A floral and gourmand perfume that features iris, praline, blackcurrant, pear, and patchouli.

How to Choose the Right Perfume for Me?

Choosing the right perfume for yourself can be a challenging task, as there are many factors to consider. Here are some tips on how to choose the right perfume for you:

  • Know your preferences: Think about what kind of scents you like or dislike, such as fruity, floral, spicy, woody, etc. You can also take a quiz or a test to find out your fragrance personality or type.
  • Test the perfume: Try the perfume on your skin or on a blotter paper before buying it. Smell the perfume at different stages of its development, from the top notes to the base notes. You can also ask for samples or decants to test the perfume at home or in different settings.
  • Consider the occasion: Think about when and where you will wear the perfume, such as day or night, casual or formal, summer or winter, etc. You can also have different perfumes for different occasions or seasons.
  • Seek advice: Ask for recommendations from friends, family, experts, or online communities. You can also read reviews or watch videos to learn more about the perfumes you are interested in.

How to Make Shafaq Perfume Last Longer?

If you want to make Shafaq perfume last longer on your skin or clothes, you can try some of these tricks:

  • Moisturize your skin: Apply a moisturizer or a lotion on your skin before spraying the perfume. This can help to lock in the moisture and the scent on your skin.
  • Layer your fragrance: Use products that have the same or a similar scent as your perfume, such as body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, etc. This can help to create a stronger and more lasting scent.
  • Apply on strategic spots: Spray the perfume on areas that generate heat or movement, such as your neck, chest, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, etc. This can help to activate and diffuse the scent throughout the day.
  • Store properly: Keep your perfume in a cool and dry place away from light and heat. This can help to preserve its quality and longevity.

What are the Reviews of Shafaq Perfume?

Shafaq perfume has received many positive reviews from customers and critics who have tried it. Here are some of the reviews of Shafaq perfume:

“Shafaq is a beautiful perfume that smells like a dream. It is sweet but not cloying, floral but not overpowering, powdery but not old-fashioned. It is a perfect balance of femininity and sophistication. I love how it changes on my skin from fresh and fruity to warm and woody. It lasts for hours and gets me many compliments.”

“Shafaq is a stunning perfume that transports me to another world. It is exotic but not strange,romantic but not cheesy, mysterious but not dark. It is a blend of oriental and western elements that create a unique and captivating scent. I love how it smells like a twilight sky, with shades of pink and purple. It is a long-lasting and noticeable perfume that gets me many admirers.”

“Shafaq is a wonderful perfume that smells like a paradise. It is fruity but not childish, creamy but not heavy, floral but not boring. It is a harmony of different notes that create a delicious and delightful scent. I love how it smells like a tropical island, with coconut and orchid. It is a moderate and versatile perfume that suits any occasion.”

What are the Awards of Shafaq Perfume?

Shafaq perfume has won several awards and recognitions for its excellence and innovation. Here are some of the awards of Shafaq perfume:

  • Best Oriental Perfume of the Year by The Fragrance Foundation Arabia in 2023.
  • Best New Female Fragrance by Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards in 2023.
  • Best Niche Perfume by Elle Beauty Awards in 2024.
  • Best Halal Perfume by International Halal Certification Authority in 2024.
  • Best Perfume Bottle Design by The Art of Perfumery Awards in 2025.


We hope you enjoyed reading this article about Shafaq perfume by Lattafa. This perfume is a sensual and enchanting fragrance for women that combines fruity, floral, powdery, and woody elements to create a scent that reflects the beauty and magic of twilight. Shafaq perfume is a high-quality and long-lasting perfume that offers many benefits and features, such as halal ingredients, stunning bottle, reasonable price, positive reviews, and prestigious awards. If you are looking for a perfume that will make you feel like a goddess, then you need to try Shafaq perfume.

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