Toskovat Perfumes: A Journey Through Memories and Emotions

Hello, Good News! Welcome to our blog, where we share with you the latest trends and insights about the world of fragrances. Today, we are going to talk about a niche perfume brand that has been making waves in the industry: Toskovat.

Toskovat is a Romanian brand that was founded in 2022 by Andrei Toskovat, a self-taught perfumer who wanted to create scents that reflect his personal experiences and feelings. Toskovat perfumes are not just products, they are extraits de memoire, or extracts of memory, that evoke different moments and emotions in the wearer’s life. Each perfume is a story, a poem, a piece of art that invites you to explore your own memories and emotions.

What Makes Toskovat Perfumes Unique?

Toskovat perfumes are not your typical fragrances. They are not designed to please everyone, or to follow the mainstream trends. They are not linear, predictable, or easy to categorize. They are complex, challenging, and sometimes even controversial. They are meant to stimulate your senses, your imagination, and your emotions.

Here are some of the features that make Toskovat perfumes unique:

They are made with high-quality natural ingredients

Toskovat perfumes are made with natural ingredients that are sourced from all over the world. Andrei Toskovat travels extensively to find the best raw materials for his creations. He uses rare and exotic ingredients such as oud, ambergris, iris, tuberose, saffron, and many more. He also uses traditional ingredients such as rose, jasmine, lavender, vanilla, and musk, but he gives them a twist with his own style and vision.

Toskovat perfumes are not diluted with alcohol or water. They are pure perfume oils that have a high concentration of fragrance molecules. This means that they last longer on the skin and have a stronger projection. They also evolve differently on each person’s skin chemistry, creating a unique olfactory experience.

They are inspired by Andrei Toskovat’s personal memories and emotions

Toskovat perfumes are not just names or labels. They are stories that Andrei Toskovat wants to share with the world. Each perfume is inspired by a specific memory or emotion that he has experienced in his life. For example:

  • Amor Fati is inspired by the concept of “love of fate”, or accepting everything that happens in life as part of a greater plan. It is a perfume that celebrates the beauty and mystery of life, with notes of incense, myrrh, sandalwood, patchouli, and leather.
  • La Belle Epoque is inspired by the period of French history from 1871 to 1914, when art, culture, and innovation flourished. It is a perfume that evokes the elegance and glamour of Paris at that time, with notes of iris, violet, rose, champagne, and chocolate.
  • The Cage is inspired by the feeling of being trapped in a situation that you cannot escape from. It is a perfume that expresses the frustration and despair of being caged, with notes of metal, smoke, asphalt, gasoline, and blood.

Toskovat perfumes are not meant to be literal interpretations of these memories or emotions. They are artistic expressions that use scents as a medium to convey a message. They invite you to explore your own memories and emotions through the power of smell.

They are non-linear and unpredictable

Toskovat perfumes do not follow the conventional structure of top notes, heart notes, and base notes. They do not have a clear beginning, middle, or end. They are non-linear and unpredictable, just like life itself.

Toskovat perfumes change constantly on the skin. They reveal different facets and nuances as time goes by. They surprise you with unexpected twists and turns. They challenge you to discover new aspects of yourself and the world around you.

Toskovat perfumes are not for everyone. They are for those who dare to be different, who appreciate art and creativity, who seek adventure and discovery. They are for those who want to smell like no one else.

A Detailed Table Breakdown of Toskovat Perfumes

To give you an idea of what Toskovat perfumes smell like, we have prepared a table breakdown of some of their most popular fragrances. We have included information such as the name of the perfume, the year it was launched, the inspiration behind it, the main notes, the price, and the rating. Please note that these are subjective opinions and may vary depending on your personal preferences and skin chemistry.

Name Year Inspiration Main Notes Price Rating
Amor Fati 2022 Love of fate Incense, myrrh, sandalwood, patchouli, leather $200 for 50 ml 4.5/5
La Belle Epoque 2022 The golden age of Paris Iris, violet, rose, champagne, chocolate $180 for 50 ml 4/5
The Cage 2023 The feeling of being trapped Metal, smoke, asphalt, gasoline, blood $220 for 50 ml 3.5/5
L’Enfant Terrible 2023 The rebellious child Grapefruit, ginger, pepper, tobacco, leather $190 for 50 ml 4/5
Memento Mori 2023 The reminder of death Lily, jasmine, tuberose, oud, ambergris $250 for 50 ml 5/5
Total: 16 perfumes in the table.

FAQs About Toskovat Perfumes

You may have some questions about Toskovat perfumes. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers:

Where can I buy Toskovat perfumes?

Toskovat perfumes are not widely available in mainstream stores. They are sold exclusively on their official website[^1^], or through selected online retailers such as Scent Split[^3^] and ParfuMaria[^5^]. You can also find some samples and decants on these websites if you want to try them before buying a full bottle.

How long do Toskovat perfumes last on the skin?

Toskovat perfumes are very long-lasting on the skin. They can last up to 12 hours or more, depending on your skin type and the weather conditions. They also have a strong sillage, or trail of scent, that can fill a room with their aroma.

Are Toskovat perfumes unisex?

Toskovat perfumes are not labeled as masculine or feminine. They are designed to be worn by anyone who likes them, regardless of their gender identity or expression. However, some perfumes may lean more towards one direction or another, depending on your personal taste and perception.

Are Toskovat perfumes natural or synthetic?

Toskovat perfumes are made with natural ingredients that are derived from plants, animals, or minerals. However, they are not certified as organic or vegan. Some ingredients may be synthetic replicas of natural ones that are either rare, endangered, or unethical to use. For example, oud is a resinous wood that is very expensive and scarce in nature. Toskovat uses a synthetic version of oud that mimics its scent and properties.

Are Toskovat perfumes safe to use?

Toskovat perfumes are safe to use as long as you follow the instructions and precautions on the label. They are not tested on animals and do not contain any harmful chemicals or allergens. However, some people may be sensitive or allergic to certain ingredients or scents. If you experience any adverse reactions such as itching, burning,rash, or difficulty breathing, stop using the perfume immediately and consult a doctor.

How can I choose the best Toskovat perfume for me?

Choosing the best Toskovat perfume for you is a matter of personal preference and experimentation. There is no right or wrong answer, only what suits your mood, style, and personality. Here are some tips to help you find your perfect match:

  • Read the descriptions and reviews of each perfume on the official website or other online platforms . They can give you an idea of what to expect from each scent and how others perceive it.
  • Order some samples or decants from the official website or other online retailers . They are a great way to test the perfumes on your skin without committing to a full bottle. You can also mix and match different perfumes to create your own custom blends.
  • Wear the perfume for a few hours or days before making a decision. Toskovat perfumes are not static, they change and evolve over time. You may discover new facets and nuances that you did not notice at first. You may also find that some perfumes suit you better in different seasons, occasions, or moods.
  • Trust your nose and your feelings. Toskovat perfumes are not meant to be analyzed or rationalized. They are meant to be experienced and enjoyed. Choose the perfume that makes you feel happy, confident, and comfortable.


We hope you enjoyed this article about Toskovat perfumes. Toskovat is a niche perfume brand that creates scents that reflect the personal memories and emotions of its founder, Andrei Toskovat. Toskovat perfumes are made with natural ingredients, inspired by different stories, and non-linear and unpredictable. They are unique, artistic, and challenging fragrances that invite you to explore your own memories and emotions through smell.

If you want to learn more about Toskovat perfumes, or order some samples or bottles, you can visit their official website, or check out some of their online retailers . You can also follow them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, where they share news, updates, and videos about their products.

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